Telehealth App iOS, Web Admin and Android 

VMD is an app for VMD Ontario that connects patients in the Canadian Province to doctors quick and easy. The app focussed on making the connecting process 3 clicks aways and this giving patients access to "Quick Connect"  and scheduled appointments. 

Development Process
  • The business developer conducted multiple meetings with the client to gather all the requirements and to understand the model for the telehealth app

  • Detailed user stories were added to the backlog of Jira with complete information about the app

  • Flow diagrams were prepared and discussed with the client to define the flow of both apps

  • After finalizing the scope, the designer created designs for apps with clickable prototypes

  • While the designs were being approved by the client, the development team created the database and architecture for the project to get a head start

  • The backend for the project was created on NodeJS while Swift and Java were used for iOS and Android respectively

  • Admin panel for the project was created on Angular

  • A project portal was created and shared with the client where the client could view the progress and updates of the project

  • The project was managed and tracked on Jira by our assigned project coordinator and a new slack workspace was created for communication purpose

  • Our development team worked along a client to help them create the required accounts for the project i.e Apple developer account, Google Console, Twilio and Stripe

  • Sprints of two weeks were set where a sprint planning meeting was conducted before the sprint started and a sprint review meeting was conducted with the client on the last day of sprint to give a demo and handover the amount of project completed

  • Any changes requested by the client were handled in the sprint to follow

  • The projector coordinator also conducted daily scrum meetings to make sure the project runs smoothly

  • After the completion of the project, a two weeks UAT time was provided to the client and the apps were published on Play Store and App store

iOS App for Doctors and Patients 
iOS App for Doctors and Patients 
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Web Login Portal