Playpal for better health...


as featured in FORBES 2019

Playpal is a Digital Web and Mobile Platform that offers users an advanced health profile and preventative analysis by tracking Physical and Cognitive Data using IoT’s and third Party Integrations. We combine this analysis with our patented Health Scoring to guide users towards better health and to incentivise them with real-world rewards using Digital Currency. Playpal Aims at becoming the biggest Health Profiling and Connected Health System with the largest and most secure Central Health DATA Repository system.

The science behind Playpal, Inc.

At Playpal, we implemented a health-score which was comprehensive enough to qualify at the institutional level (i.e. hospitals, insurance companies, government bodies etc). Using key DATA sets retrieved from health wearables Playpal Platform assists individuals in their personal health management and indirectly enable governments, insurance providers, employers, and healthcare systems to tackle today’s soaring healthcare costs. 

FEATURES:  The most important feature of Playpal is the Health Profiling system, we created a set of DATA inputs as a part of onboarding to be able to create a basic health profile. The second part of the DATA inputs needed to improve profile was moved after the user is able to see the first version of his/her profile. Activity Tracking was one of the major features we revamped in this version. The aim was to give user details in one single screen along with an outcome.