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Pasha Fabrics Web Development

Pasha Fabrics is an organization dedicated to creating in this modern age with the latest technology, fabrics of the incomparable and finest quality. They are renown for Ethnic Wear Fabrics in Pakistan. Pasha’s philosophy is to bring together people who are passionate about redefining and pushing the boundaries of what they do to provide the best quality and experience to its customers and to society. Pasha Fabrics want to reach out to people outside Pakistan with their vibrant Website as a sign of spreading the culture


Development Process
  • Pasha Fabrics is a well-reputed company so it was important for us to understand their idea of portraying their story and products into a well-themed Website which not only seems vibrant to the user but also serves the purpose of buying products online in a user-friendly flow

  • The technologies our development team chose to successfully deliver the project were JavaScript and Magento

  • The website had to contain lots of High-Resolution images which would increase loading time for the Website

  •  It was important to optimize the Website for better user experience. Our development team decided to use Cloud Distribution Network (CDN) for the High-Resolution images which served the purpose well 

  • The website was made responsive for all screen sizes which includes Mobile Phones, Tablets and Laptops/Desktops

  • Google Analytics was also implemented for the client to have a better picture 

  • After completion of Website, 1 month of free support was offered to the client so that they can streamline the website accordingly 

  • Along with the Website an internal Mobile App was also developed by our development team

  • The Mobile App is to be used by Tailors working for Pasha Fabrics to create a profile of each customer. The profile is a form which consists of dimensions of the respective customer which are fed by the tailors themselves 

  • The customer profiles are saved in the database and used for next time

How it Works
  • Pasha Fabrics is open to all website. It allows user to access the website and view all the products without Signup/Sign in

  • The website displays a story about the Company and its roots

  • The Website displays featured items on the Homepage. User can view all the products by going to the ‘Products’ Section

  • If a user is looking for a particular product, they can search for the product in the search bar. The search will also display relatable products

  • Upon clicking on a product, the user will view the details about the product along with all the available colours and the price for the product

  • User can add an item to cart after selecting the required colour for the product. At this stage, user can either Signup/Sign-in or they can proceed as a guest user

  • User will then have to add their Billing and Shipping details before proceeding to payment. If the user has logged in to their account then these details will be fetched automatically

  • The shipping charges will be automatically applied based on City and Country selected by the user

  • User will have an option to either pay via Credit Card or Cash on Delivery

  • After successfully placing an order, the user will receive an email for a confirmation

  • The Website also allows user to locate nearby stores of Pasha Fabrics