eTV is an end-to-end OTT or over-the-top platform that offers streaming media services directly to viewers over the internet. A perfect blend of hardware and software where it’s three main components include:

  1. Android TV box (hardware)

  2. Android TV launcher (embedded on box)

  3. eTV application

The Android TV box comes with a remote that can be connected to any traditional TV and it offers the viewers an ability to connect to 100+ servers offering content in the form of Live streaming, channels and Video on Demand (VOD) services. 

A complete state of the art custom home launcher allows users to download and install any apps that they want. Viewers can easily navigate using the remote keys that are coupled with TV launcher and eTV application. 

  • Connect with 100+ different servers depending on user preferences

  • Lightweight application offering a seamless experience for viewers with minimal resource consumption

  • Content organization by adding as favourites

  • Content scheduling to watch it later

  • Powerful parental control feature restricts child accounts on the content genre

  • Efficient search allows viewers to filter content easily

  • Multiple players enhance the rich experience for users to cater to broader types of files

  • Live streaming for over 1000+ channels based on server

  • Video on demand to see your favourite shows and movies

  • Store content on the box and external storage

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