CARRmate is an auto services Market Place that connects vendors offering auto services with end users who are seeking to find the best auto service for their automobile on the go. Users can find all nearby CARRmate approved vendors and compare them on the basis of pricing and ratings to find the best service for their automobile. The App allows users to make their payments and guarantees them the best price.

  • User can select one of those vendors based on the rating and location and then choose the date and time for the service before proceeding to payment

  • User can pay for the service via Credit Card or Paypal

  • When admin finds the service completed in their portal, they can approve the completion after which vendor will receive the payment from admin

Development Process

  • Business developer gathered all the requirements from the client to understand the complete scope 

  • Based on the requirements, the designer created black & white sketches to put down requirements into a picture 

  • Once sketches were approved by the client, the designer added colours to it and created a clickable prototype which was to be used by development team

  • The development team created a database and architecture for the project 

  • NodeJS was used to handle the back-end for the complete project which includes Mobile Apps, Website, Admin Panel and Vendor portal

  • Angular was used to handle the front-end of the project while Java and Objective-C were used for Android App and iOS App respectively

  • The project was managed & tracked on Jira by our assigned Project Coordinator and daily scrum meetings were conducted to make sure everything runs smoothly 

  • Sprints of 2 weeks were conducted and after each sprint, a portion of the project was delivered to the client with complete end-to-end testing

  • Any changes required were handled in the next sprint 

  • At the end of the project, 2 weeks of UAT time was offered to the client. Post UAT, the Mobile Apps were made live on their respective stores while Website, Admin Panel and Vendor Portal were deployed on their respective domains.