Hyfatech is an expeditiously growing technology company providing state of the art solutions to businesses, enabling them to cope up with the emerging agile world. We care for our client’s business as our business. We share our clients’ aspirations, work to understand their reality, and align our incentives with their objectives so they know we’re in this together. Our enthusiastic team takes pride in maintaining long-lasting relationships with our partners and providing them with the best possible customer services.

What do we do?

01 / Mobile Apps

Through our iterative design process and prototyping, we create an engaging design and immersive experiences. Our team stays involved from the discovery phase to the final milestones to ensure that no part of your vision is lost in translation. Building anything, from simple entertainment applications to complex enterprise applications for both iOS, Android and Hybrid, requires a skill set which is newfangled according to modern trends. 

02 / Web Apps

Our web team is always very serious about the performance on their pages and they always go for tech stacks i.e. ROR, MEAN stack, .NET and React, which can provide them ease of development with excellent performance. Our unique blend of experience and expertise allows us to address your issues directly and deliver results that are on time and within your budget to provide complete satisfaction

03 / e-Commerce

If you are looking for an awesome e-Commerce site, all you need to is to talk to our team experienced in WooCommerce, Magento, Laravel, Drupal. These people are interesting to talk with as they have this weird habit of engaging the clients with their success stories. 



Playpal, Inc.
platform and backend

Playpal, Inc. is a health management platform which seeks to provide personalised solutions to cater to individuals’ better health. By collecting and consolidating users’ data on health, PlayPal’s model takes advantage of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Blockchain technology to Analyse Data and provide users with the ultimate solutions for better Health.



mobile application

Jom is an e-Commerce site for Groceries. A user can sign in or create an account to view all the items available on Jom platform. The homepage will show the user featured items and items that are on promotion or discount. User can also search for an item they are looking for or they can scan the barcode of an item to see if it is available in the app. Jom also allows user to look for items in specific categories and keep a track of their orders in order tracking. Items can also be marked favorite by users.


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